Briefing from 2017 ROCK Conference now available

Country: UK

8th June 2018

The post-conference briefing from the Rights of the Child UK Annual Conference 2017, held in Edinburgh in November, is now available.

The conference was attended by almost 100 delegates inlcuding third sector organisations from across the UK, representatives from Scottish Government, academics, and Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs).

The aim of the conference was to bring together representatives from across the four nations to explore the use of law to progress the implementation of the UNCRC. Through speaker presentations and discussion throughout the day, the conference looked at:

  • Developments that are currently taking place across England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to embed the UNCRC into law;
  • Threats to existing legal protections of children's rights in law, including Brexit and the potential repeal of the Human Rights Act;
  • Opportunities to further legal protections of children's UNCRC rights within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at a UK level.

Speakers at the conference included academics such as Professor Ursula Kilkelly from the University of Cork who discussed why incorporation is fundamental in fulfilling children's rights, Dr Simon Hoffman from Swansea University who spoke about potenital models of incorporation, and Dr Kasey McCall-Smith from the University of Edinburgh who provided international examples of countries who have worked to incorporate the CRC.

The event was chaired by Amy Lee Fraioli. the Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament, and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon provided a video introduction to the event.